My Documented Journey Begins

01 Mar

I have always known I was a psychic. Somehow. Little things. I could feel whatever other people are feeling. I have always hated to go for funerals. The emotional blast is too much for me. I could tell a woman is pregnant as little as 2 months along. I knew things. I knew what to do by following a feeling. And the most amazing one of all, I have always been the finder of lost items.

Yes, I can locate something more easily than most. What I have always wondered is whether I can do the same for people. Lost people perhaps? My greatest challenge has been not knowing how to improve this God given gift. I sometimes found that the ego came to play and when that happened, I seemed to take a few steps back. Losing traction on already good progress. Or I pushed myself too hard. Or I couldn’t concentrate during meditation. Or I didn’t know how to move from one point to the other.

I still don’t know how. But My thinking is, I am a psychic. What we call a Clairesentient. I have always known what to do even when I thought I didn’t. Maybe that is the reason for starting this blog! The next step if you will! I shouldn’t worry about how to do it. I should just take the journey, and trust and believe that the way will be lighted up for me.

So take the journey with me. And in the process, let’s learn together.

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