Everything Is Connected

05 Mar

To become a psychic, you have to realise that everything is connected. You wake up in the morning. You follow through your morning routine. ‘This is what I do, you tell yourself. As the day wears on, you experience different things. The traffic. The morning cup of coffee. That one phrase that you keep seeing everywhere. The stranger on the street that bumps into you and pisses you the hell off. The smile or grawl you receive by someone you have never met.

We are quick to choke everything to coincidence. I have come to believe there are no coincidences. That e-mail you receive. You read a tweet or a facebook status. Everything is information. Information that will come in handy, either in the near or far future. Dreams. They are not necessarily random. By the way, everyone dreams. Waking up in the morning and thinking that you had a dreamless night is an illusion. It is just that you do not remember. You have not practised remembering your dreams.

Back to ‘coincidences’. If you started realizing that everything you go through is a source of information, you would start paying attention to whatever is happening. You would stop taking things for granted. You would use all your senses. The hearing, the touching, your eyes, your feelings. You are an antenna, for both receiving and transmitting information. Imagine how wonderful it would be to access all the information the universe is trying to send you? The information that mostly goes to waste because you have not yet learnt to access it?

You get home after a hard day’s work and you curl up to a movie. That movie did not just happen by you. It happened to you specifically at the time it did because you need to store some information from it. You may not really know what information it is, and I am not telling you to start struggling storing this information. The universe is effortless. Information coming to you is effortless. It will come to you and you will access it when you need it.

Start living consciously. Actively invite the universe to grant you the information you need and to guide you. With time, you will notice patterns and with these patterns, you will more easily pick out oddities, which you may use at the moment or will come in handy later.

It is very easy really. It is in-born. Like breathing. You just have to be willing to access your psychic side.

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