No Need To Fear A Kundalini Awakening

27 Mar

It has taken me a very long time to work out fear issues. Truth be told, I’m still working on it. Psychic and spiritual fear has been the worst. I used to fear Isochronic sounds, meditation, etc. I also used to fear Kundalini Awakening.

Who hasn’t? If you browse through the internet, you will come across people who have gone through tremendous hell, during awakening. My Spirit Guide (whom I have always dreaded dealing with) and I have been communing quite often recently. That and my angels. I have been drawn to Kundalini and I knew it was something I was being guided towards. But I had a discussion with my Spirit Guide – yes, your guides and angels will always communicate with you the way you most feel comfortable with – and I told him we needed to talk. While going through this journey of mine, I do not believe I have to go through the mind-blowing Kundalini experiences and I told my guide as much. So I told him I needed to know.

Minutes later, I came across this site that described some of the symptoms of a Kundalini awakening. Guess what? In the past couple of years, I have been going through basically all the symptoms! This means I have been going through a Kundalini Awakening and I did not even know about it!

I was reluctant to do this post because 1. I have just done one post today 2. I was being human (read being lazy) but I am learning to listen to guidance and this time it was quite strong. ‘Write It’, it said. What if someone else is afraid of going through this divine process, due to misinformation just like you have experienced? Be the light worker you are meant to be.

And so, here we are. I will not list down the symptoms, as the article’s author has put down everything so well. All I will tell you is, there is nothing to fear. Go with the flow and your angels, guides, God/Divine power has you covered. You will be alright.

Love and Light.

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