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Bidding My Ego Farewell

Today (rather last night) I officially said goodbye to my ego. This happened in my dreams. The thing you need to understand about dreams, they are different for each person. You cannot therefore put a blanket cipher on them. You need to analyse yours. See what they mean to you and whether there are any hidden messages in them. I have began understanding mine, in my spiritual journey. My awakening has been happening continuously for a few years now. I have undergone false ego deaths but the experience has been very frightful.

You need to know that your ego will not go without a fight. You also need to understand that with your ego ruling, you cannot enjoy the oneness that is your birthright. The ego is so attached to the physical, sense pleasures and with attachment of material items comes the distancing with your pure self.

Back to my ego death. Over a couple of months, I made a decision to follow my spiritual nature. That, the way I see it, is the only way to selflessly express my gifts as well as aid other beings in their journey to enlightenment. I can tell you that it is not easy. You know how an addict goes through withdrawal symptoms after quitting their substance of addiction? That is what you go through during ego death. And just like an addict, the ego will slip back if you are not careful. The feeling like you are dying is very real and frightening and the ego goes looking for comfort. Either in material or attachment to people and before you know it, the ego is in control.

Last night, it happened. In short, I was looking into a mirror in the dream and there was someone on the other side with a great big smile saying goodbye. She was very happy and the me was sad. That was the interesting bit. Looking at the ego walking away, I was sad. Even asking ‘her’ how I would survive without her. But ‘she’ told me I would be ok and she walked away.

Ego death is the greatest step in spiritual enlightenment, and thus the most difficult one to go through. Once that goes, then you feel that you can do anything. I am determined to be the light I was meant to be and selflessly serve others and God or Source, however you refer to that eternal being who is connected to the pureness that is each and everyone of us. I wish you luck as you undertake your journey to spiritual enlightenment.

Love and Light,


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