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Time To Ground Ourselves

If you are anything like me, you know how ungrounded a psychic can become. And when we talk about being ungrounded, I mean from feeling like you are floating in the air (which is actually quite a good feeling so long as you are not crossing the road), being pushed by other people’s negative energies, or even adopting high frequency energies from other people. Please note that the only way a high vibrational being can adopt another’s energy is if the other energy is in a higher frequency vibration than yours. Say, true spiritual teachers, etc.

That is why it is very important to always maintain a high vibration. I have been on a quest to find out the best way to ‘ground’ myself, without necessarily dropping my frequency to the worldly, lower frequency. This is what we all want. We do not want to reduce our frequency, after working every single day and minute to raise it. We are looking to be able to survive in the third dimension while maintaining our link to the fourth or fifth dimensions.

The best way that I have come across is by Sudevi and I thought I could share the video with you. She talks about not lowering your energy to fit in, but using your Viveka (discernment) to know the kind of energy you are dealing with, how to tune in to your intuition, what to do if you cannot get out of the room when your intuition says flee, all the while, maintaining your high vibration.

So I hope this helps everyone else who has been struggling with grounding like I had.

Love and light,


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Energy Manipulation And Healing

I am not your usual ‘went to school, got a diploma in this science’ type. I am a believer in every human having the answers to the universe if only they quietened their minds long enough, to listen to their Angels, intuition, subconscious, Spirit Guides, the light within them or God, whatever makes you comfortable. I do not also ascribe to any particular religion, because to me, the journey is the same, we all just choose the path that resonates with us.

That said, most of my information comes from my Angels and Spirit Guides. And here is what they have to say about energy manipulation and healing. Energy manipulation and healing requires a clean, clear mind. It requires your determination to selflessly help others and to realise that you are not the one doing the healing. You are just a conduit. A small part of the bigger energy body. To ensure that the energy you are trying to clear from someone else does not get stuck to you, meditate first. Ask Archangel Michael to surround you with pure light and protect you against lower energies. Michael is an angel I work with on a daily basis and he is very helpful. Ask God, or the Source, or the name that resonates with you to show you the best way to help the person you are working with. Be willing to listen to that small voice or the nudge, and understand that sometimes the answers will come in form of a direction you are guided to guide the person you are working with. Any physical action that they may require to do.

I also work closely with Archangel Raphael. This one is a very practical angel. He will tell you what remedies you can work with. Be open to do as you are directed, as that is the only way your connection with the angels gets strengthened. The person you are working with will also need to trust in you and believe that the healing will work. This is because, most of the energy manipulation you are doing is solely on their body. It is up to them to undertake the healing as well. If they are not willing or are doubtful, you can work till you are blue in the face. You will not see results, and you will both end up very disappointed or frustrated.

After each healing session or energy manipulation session, thank God and the Angels for being with you and guiding you and working with you and ask them to transmute the negative energy to the sun for purification and recycling. Remember, energy cannot be destroyed. Thus, transmutation and recycling is the best way to utilize the energy that has been deemed negative so that anywhere else it sticks, it will do so as pure positive energy.

Then close your healing session. Remember, every human being is able to manipulate energy, heal themselves, assist others in healing themselves as well as direct communication with God and Angels. You just have to be willing to try. Happy Healing!

Love and light,


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Beware The Clear Quartz Crystal!

I have been using crystals for quite a long time. For grounding, healing, clearing negative energy…. name it. I have seen how powerful and effective crystals are. The Clear Quartz ranks amongst the most powerful crystal. Over and above it’s amazing qualities, it is an amplifier crystal. If you have seen and used and experienced the energy of this crystal, you know how magnificent it is! What does the amplifying mean?

Tumbled Clear Quartz

The clear quartz crystal can be used to amplify other crystals, as well as amplify energies. Remember, everything in the universe is energy. That means objects, your body, emotions and most certainly, emissions from other crystals. So why the warning title? Take for instance, you want to meet the love of your life. Your soulmate. And you want that instant connection and you want to be sure about it. You would go for a Rose Quartz. You probably want to also amplify it with a Clear Quartz. That is wonderful! Go ahead and do it! You are performing a healing using your favorite crystal. Over and above calling Archangel Raphael, you pick the clear quartz to amplify your healing crystal. Very good!

Let’s look at another way the clear quartz is amplifying energy. You decide you want to carry your clear quartz for the day. Remember what we said about everything being energy? That includes emotions, right? In the course of your day, you meet someone who is extremely angry or whose energy is so dark, you can feel it from across the room. Under normal circumstances, it will be bearable. But today, you are walking around with your clear quartz. What happens? It amplifies this negative energy and it comes crashing on you, you almost topple over.

Another example. You are unwell. You have overlooked the fact that you are still around your clear quartz. What happens? Yes, the clear quartz will amplify your dis-ease. This is my experience and many healers are very careful when using clear quartz as part of their healing. They will even ask you what crystals you have around you, and probably request you to remove any clear quartz that you may be having, especially if it is in direct contact with your body.

My recommendation? We cannot do without the magnificent Clear Quartz. We cannot also predict the situations we shall be in during the day, whether positive or negative. What I do is use the Clear Quartz for a specific function, and later put it aside. I always carry 2 or 3 crystals with me at all times, but I elect not to carry a clear quartz. I know what it is to have negative and even sometimes overwhelming positive emotions coming crashing on you. When I pick the clear quartz, I use it with an intention. For example, ‘Let this clear quartz amplify my Amethyst for….’ insert what you will be using. Then once I am done, I store it away. You can also pre-amplify your crystals before heading out, that way, the crystals are already on their highest working order and you get to leave your clear quartz at home.

What has been your experience with Quartz Crystals?

Love and Light.

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