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Beware The Clear Quartz Crystal!

I have been using crystals for quite a long time. For grounding, healing, clearing negative energy…. name it. I have seen how powerful and effective crystals are. The Clear Quartz ranks amongst the most powerful crystal. Over and above it’s amazing qualities, it is an amplifier crystal. If you have seen and used and experienced the energy of this crystal, you know how magnificent it is! What does the amplifying mean?

Tumbled Clear Quartz

The clear quartz crystal can be used to amplify other crystals, as well as amplify energies. Remember, everything in the universe is energy. That means objects, your body, emotions and most certainly, emissions from other crystals. So why the warning title? Take for instance, you want to meet the love of your life. Your soulmate. And you want that instant connection and you want to be sure about it. You would go for a Rose Quartz. You probably want to also amplify it with a Clear Quartz. That is wonderful! Go ahead and do it! You are performing a healing using your favorite crystal. Over and above calling Archangel Raphael, you pick the clear quartz to amplify your healing crystal. Very good!

Let’s look at another way the clear quartz is amplifying energy. You decide you want to carry your clear quartz for the day. Remember what we said about everything being energy? That includes emotions, right? In the course of your day, you meet someone who is extremely angry or whose energy is so dark, you can feel it from across the room. Under normal circumstances, it will be bearable. But today, you are walking around with your clear quartz. What happens? It amplifies this negative energy and it comes crashing on you, you almost topple over.

Another example. You are unwell. You have overlooked the fact that you are still around your clear quartz. What happens? Yes, the clear quartz will amplify your dis-ease. This is my experience and many healers are very careful when using clear quartz as part of their healing. They will even ask you what crystals you have around you, and probably request you to remove any clear quartz that you may be having, especially if it is in direct contact with your body.

My recommendation? We cannot do without the magnificent Clear Quartz. We cannot also predict the situations we shall be in during the day, whether positive or negative. What I do is use the Clear Quartz for a specific function, and later put it aside. I always carry 2 or 3 crystals with me at all times, but I elect not to carry a clear quartz. I know what it is to have negative and even sometimes overwhelming positive emotions coming crashing on you. When I pick the clear quartz, I use it with an intention. For example, ‘Let this clear quartz amplify my Amethyst for….’ insert what you will be using. Then once I am done, I store it away. You can also pre-amplify your crystals before heading out, that way, the crystals are already on their highest working order and you get to leave your clear quartz at home.

What has been your experience with Quartz Crystals?

Love and Light.

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Healing Work Failing?

Today I had an amazing revelation. While I am a psychic and having very noble intentions of sending healing energy to my family, friends and everyone around, I have been concentrating on the wrong thing.

Question: Have you ever felt that you are doing all the right things, including calling the big guns (angels and spirit guide) to assist you in dispersing healing energy yet you feel the results are not as you expected? So have I. Guess what, the problem is not the process, the problem is what we are focusing on.

Think about it. Light work does not involve the ego. We do what we are guided to do. Healing is part of light work. But what happens is, we concentrate on the outcome. What do I mean by this? Sending healing energy to someone so that you can HEAL THEM! See what happened there? The ego kicked in. You are not the one DOING THE HEALING! When you start focusing on ‘HEALING’. Then automatically the ego kicks in which then follows, your vibrations get lowered.

What then should we do? You know someone, or yourself are dis-eased. Your work is to send them your highest vibrations. Love. Compassion. Light. Call upon God, or the Divine, Angels and Spirit Guide to be with you as you send the higher vibration to the person in need. Do not concentrate on the fact that ‘you want them to get better’. Just send love. If you concentrate on what is ailing the person, you are feeding the ailment energy. This means that first, your attempt at ‘healing’ will of course fail, or worse the dark/negative energy bounces back to you.

Remember, being humble is the trait of a light worker. Every time the ego threatens to come into play, send a prayer to the higher beings to eliminate the ego, show you the way, teach you and guide your every action. With time, you will enter the energy healing cycle easily.

Go then, spread light to the world and become the beacons of light you were meant to be.

Love and Light.

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